​​​Pre-Planning your Estate

You have arranged your will, personal directive, enduring power of attorney and possibly your funeral arrangements.

Are you done? Probably not . . .

  • Do you have an email account? Or two? Or three?
  • Do you buy stuff on eBay, Amazon, PayPal, Yahoo or elsewhere?
  • Do you maintain a profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest?
  • Do you have credits with the iTunes store or on Google Play?
  • Do you have priceless pictures stored on your computer or in the cloud?

​​If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you should create a Digital Estate Plan.


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. . . we bring the pieces together

Executor Helpers

. . . we bring the pieces together

Why YOU Need a Digital Estate Plan

Normally, individuals will pick a loved one as their executor. You owe it to them to ensure the process is as easy as possible. Plus, your executor is not currently entitled to these assets by law. As we quickly become a paperless, online society, it is crucial your executor has access to your online assets.

What is a Digital Estate Plan?

A digital estate plan dictates what should happen to your digital assets after your death. An effective digital estate plan will store this information securely, update passwords automatically and ensure your executor has access to the information when needed.

Executor Helpers can help with your Digital Estate Plan: 

  • Our Basic Plan includes a spreadsheet you can use to record all the data your executor will need, including your digital assets. Remember, this is highly sensitive data and secure storage of this document is critical. The full plan is available for a nominal fee; please contact us for details.

  • Our Enhanced Plan uses existing password management software (i.e., LastPass, PasswordBox, etc.) to record the same information as detailed under our Basic Plan. We have created a file that can be easily imported into your password management software to establish secure notes for all your details. The advantage of this Plan is the information is stored electronically, password changes are updated automatically and you can set-up your executor to have immediate (or delayed) access to the information in the event of an emergency.